Parks & Recreation Program Guide

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Performing Arts

Wed 02/08/23 to Fri 05/19/23  Private Piano
Event ID: 50659
Studies show the when you learn to play a musical instrument, you expand your memory, improve your coordination, and refine your organization and time management skills. Get all this and more when you enroll in our private piano lessons!  You will learn proper instrument technique, sight reading, music theory fundamentals and so much more! 
Lessons are Wednesday- Friday and are scheduled individually with our piano instructor. 
Please call (405) 297-1460 to set up your time!
Date: Wed-Fri (Scheduled on an individual basis) Time: Speak with Instructor Location: Taylor Recreation Center
Ages: 6-17
Cost: $35 per month
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Wed 02/08/23 to Thu 05/11/23  Private Voice
Event ID: 48350
Ever wanted to sing like the artists on the radio? Gone to a musical or an opera and said "I want wanna sound like that!" Well now you have your opportunity to make your voice shine! In your lessons you will learn proper vocal technique and vocal health strategies to improve the quality of your singing as well as the longevity of your voice. Lessons will take place on Thursday or Friday. Individual times will be set between the instructor and student/parents. Lessons are open to people of all ages! Please call Taylor to schedule time. 


*No Class March 13th -17th


 Feb 8 - May 11
 Call Taylor for times, 405 297-1460
Location: Taylor Recreation Center
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $35 per month
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Wed 02/08/23 to Wed 05/17/23  Youth Acting
Event ID: 50048

Does your little one love to play pretend?  Do they jam out to the songs on the radio?  well enroll them in Taylor Performing Art’s Youth Acting Class! In this class, your performer will learn the fine points of character development, acting techniques, vocal technique, and dance training.  Culminating in a final show, students get the opportunity to show off all that they’ve learned in a final performance, complete with lights, costumes, and makeup.   

We design our shows to ensure that every child has their opportunity in the spotlight. No matter what the role, your star will have a chance to shine! We strive to not only put on a great show, but also build confidence and focus, and foster a positive, safe, and creative environment. 

Date: Wednesdays, Feb 8- May 17 Time: 4:30-6:30pm Location: Taylor Recreation Center
Ages: 6-12
Cost: $10/ month
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