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No Group Value

Sat 05/04/19  May Flowers Garden Tour
Event ID: 21841
Let’s go for a walk through the Gardens and see what April showers brought! This is a great time of the year to visit the gardens and see what is blooming, sprouting and breaking bud. This is also a great way to see what is blooming this time of the year so you can add new plants for your own landscape.
Sat May 4  9:00am-10:30am Location: Will Rogers Gardens Arboretum
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free
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Sat 05/11/19  Mother's Day Sand Terrarium
Event ID: 21842
Learn the art of sand-scaping. Craft a delightful landscape in miniature as a gift for your mother. By creating interesting land and water features out of colored sand you can let your imagination flow. The price includes a standard glass terrarium, colored sand, soil and a plant. Pre-registration required. All are welcome, those under 12 need adult supervision.
Sat May 11  10:00am-12:00pm Location: Will Rogers Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $30/Terrarium
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Adult (18+)

Thu 01/17/19 to Thu 03/21/19  Third Thursday Floral Arranging
Event ID: 19560
Each month we teach new techniques to turn cut flowers into your personal floral masterpieces. All materials provided. Classes are on the third Thursday of each month. Payment is non-transferrable.
Thu, Jan 17, Feb 21, Mar 21 6:00pm - 8:00pm Location: Ed Lycan Conservatory
Ages: 18+
Cost: $25/arrangement
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Sat 03/09/19  Plant Propagation basics: Seeds and Cuttings
Event ID: 19562
Growing plants from seeds and cuttings can be an inexpensive and rewarding way to beautify your yard, patio or balcony. Learn which plants are easiest to grow and proper techniques to be successful, including soilless media, containers, watering, lighting and transplanting. Join the Oklahoma Gardening Association as they teach you how to do this on your own at home! Take home seeds to get you started.
Sat, Mar 9  9:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Will Rogers Greenhouses
Ages: 18+
Cost: FREE
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Sat 03/09/19  Willow Garden Obelisk Workshop
Event ID: 21476
Learn how to weave your own willow garden obelisk. This wonderful garden structure can be used to grow vines, prop up those tomatoes or even made to size for your containers. These beauties add a rustic and refined look all in one. Perfect for anywhere in a garden or, when smaller, added to indoor décor. Only 10 spots total, so please sign up soon!
Sat Mar 9  8:00am-11:00am Location: Will Rogers Gardens and Arboretum
Ages: 16+
Cost: $25/participant non-transferrable
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Sat 03/16/19  Growing Roses in Oklahoma
Event ID: 20417
The Oklahoma Rose Society will be speaking about which roses are best for Oklahoma. From climbing and rambling to pygmy and shrubby, with so many roses to choose from it is very difficult to know which ones to put in your landscape. Please come prepared to question these experts so you can get the best plants for your yard and know how to care for them!
Sat Mar 16  10:00am - 11:00am Location: Will Rogers Gardens Exhibition Bldg
Ages: 14+
Cost: Free
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Sat 03/23/19  I got this Orchid for a Gift...Now What?
Event ID: 20414
Once only affordable by the very wealthy, orchids are now readily accessible and often given as gifts. Learn what to do with your orchid to keep it alive and to bloom again! Bring your orchid to this workshop for one on one help. The Oklahoma Orchid Society will be teaching this class. Registration required.
Sat Mar 23  10:00am - 12:00pm Location: Ed Lycan Conservatory
Ages: 14+
Cost: Free
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Sat 04/13/19  Earthkind Earthday Gardening School
Event ID: 19536
This one day workshop will help new and experienced Oklahoma gardeners learn practical ways to garden and utilize EarthKind(r) practices that sustain the environment and protect our natural resources. There will be an Oklahoma Proven and Earthkind(r) plant sale. The $10 charge includes a picnic lunch, tree giveaway, bag of WRG compost and demos. Sponsored by OSU CES, WRG and the OKC Utilities. Pre-registration required.
Sat Apr 13  9:00am - 2:00pm Location: Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Hall
Ages: Adult (18+)
Cost: $10
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All Ages

Sun 03/10/19  Living Willow Structure Workshop
Event ID: 20699
In this workshop you will be learning about willow and how it can be used to make a living structure. We will be building a small structure together so everyone will learn how to tie and weave the rods together to form walls and doorways. By the end of the workshop we will have a structure planted and ready to grow. Children are welcome but need a parent or guardian with them. Participants should go home with the confidence to build one themselves. Dress for the weather. Meet in the Garden Exhibition Center.
Sun Mar 10  9:00am - 12:00pm Location: Will Rogers Gardens and Arboretum
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $10/participant
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Sat 03/30/19  Beginners Bonsai Workshop
Event ID: 20700
Come and learn the art of Bonsai. The Central Oklahoma Bonsai Society will be teaching this exciting Bonsai Basics class. They will show you the basics to train and keep your plant healthy. In this workshop each participant will receive a 3 gallon procumbent Juniper, wire to train your plant during the class, borrow the tools to use during the class and learn the methods to maintain its beauty. Leave with a trained bonsai. Limited to only 15 participants! Sign up early these spots will fill. Students under 12 will need an unpaid parent or guardian present.
Sat Mar 30 9:00am - 12:00pm Location: Will Rogers Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $20
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Sat 04/06/19  Spring Faerie Garden Workshop
Event ID: 21181
Join the class where you can build your own personalized faerie garden for the faeries in your yard! We will provide instruction, design ideas, soil, gravel and live plants. Please bring any extra items and treasures you would like to personalize your garden. This class is for any age but an adult is required to accompany those under 10. Registration ends on the 3rd of April. Families are encouraged to participate!
Sat Apr 6  9:00am-11:00am Location: Will Rogers Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $25/ garden  Nontransferrable
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Sat 04/20/19  Easter on the Green
Event ID: 17591
The Easter Bunny will be visiting the Arboretum and Conservatory to greet your children. Take your pictures in our arboretum, get your face painted, plant a seedling to take home and there will be crafts as well. Easter Egg hunts in the Color Garden at 9:30AM and 11:00AM
Sat, Apr 20 9:00am - 12:00pm Location: Will Rogers Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $2/person
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Sat 04/27/19  Canna in the Garden - A How-to From Horn Canna Farm
Event ID: 21226
Join us as historic Horn Canna Farm educates us and the public on how to properly thin and transplant Canna rhizomes. The Canna, found here at Will Rogers Gardens, came from Horn Canna Farms in the 30's and 40's and were originally planted by OK City Horticulturist Henry Walters.
Sat Apr 27  9:00am - 10:30am Location: Ed Lycan Conservatory
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free
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Sun 05/05/19  Orchids 101
Event ID: 21243
Presenting the different kinds of popular greenhouse orchids grown by hobbyists. There will be a discussion on how to care for the orchids that can be successfully grown in the home including the ever popular Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid. Supplemental lighting will also be discussed for those whose homes may not have sufficient  natural lighting for their orchids to thrive and bloom.
Sun, May 5 1:00pm - 2:00pm Location: Will Rogers Gardens Exhibition Hall
Ages: All Ages
Cost: FREE
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Sat 05/18/19  Garden Festival in the Park
Event ID: 21843
The Oklahoma City Council of Garden Clubs will hold its annual Garden Festival in the Park. Expect to find everything garden related such as heirloom plants like your grandmother grew, stained glass, jewelry,  and of course, plants that do well in Oklahoma’s special climate and kid’s garden related activities as well. Call 405.297.1394 for more information. This year there will also be a disc golf tournament as a fundraiser for our newly formed Friends of Will Rogers Gardens Foundation, if you are interested contact the Oklahoma Disc Golf Association.          
Sat May 18  9:00am-3:30pm Location: Will Rogers Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: [Replace with Cost]
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Sat 05/25/19  Tropical Terrarium DIY
Event ID: 21844
Create your own little landscape in a beautiful container. You will learn about the proper soil medium and the different plants that thrive in a terrariums unique conditions. The price includes a standard glass terrarium as well as potting materials and plants. Please bring any things that you would like to liven up your new little world. Items brought by previous guests include vehicles, furniture, glass, stones and even little people! Pre-registration required. Those under 12 may need some adult help.
Sat May 25  10:00am-12:00pm Location: Will Rogers Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $30/Terrarium nontransferrable
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